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Tanks production

Group of companies "Electro Pool" offers manufacturing of non-standard equipment-pressure vessels, industrial (UP next) carbon or stainless (304) steel, lined with polymers — Polytetrafluoroethylene f-4 (PTFE) fluoroplastic f-40 (ETFE), polypropylene (PP) and a flouropolymer (TIC ETFE) technique seamless rotary lining.

Main technological parameters of manufactured products:

  • form cylindrical, or rectangular;
  • liner thickness is 2 — 8mm;
  • the maximum amount lined AEP is 25 m3;
  • working temperature -50°C — 150°C.

Technological equipment of production has 5 furnaces which allow to perform the coating for tanks with maximum dimensions ( 4200х6500мм), and the coating thickness is from 4mm to 6mm + 0.5 mm For rotational lining applied materials of brands such as: DuPont, Daikin, Asahi or the Solway.

The gradual process of rotational lining consists of the following operations:

  • designing and manufacturing capacity;
  • capacity reception: capacity check for the absence of scratches, damage;
  • surface treatment: grinding, degreasing and cleaning the surface;
  • sandblasting work;
  • the installation of jigs and fixtures;
  • placement of ETFE material in a furnace;
  • sealing and placing the container in a furnace;
  • rotary heated (300 C) for 130-160минут;
  • cooling;
  • quality assurance application for a smooth, snug fit and no blisters;
  • testing quality (pressure, tightness, resistance to chemical products.

Our company also can offer a highly economical and reliable products with marked TIC ETFE, resistant to action of chemicals and acids. The maximum thickness of the coating when applied to the TIC material can reach 2mm + 0.5 mm

The material extremely resistant to chemicals and acids and offers extraordinary advantages compared to conventional coating systems and their application:

  • use products with labels TIC ETFE allows you to apply a coating on the inner surface of the container through the hole
  • seamless coating, bonding and fastening materials
  • universal chemical resistance at high temperatures
  • not flammable
  • resistance against the most well-known basic acids and solvents
  • excellent mechanical strength