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Irganayskaya Hydropower plantImplemented complex supply of electrical equipment and equipment of HF communication for Irganayskaya hydroelectric power station – branch "RusHydro" (JSC)View Customer Testimonial
Permskaya state district power plant -2-generator circuit breakers FKG-1N (3 PCs)
''Centralnaya'' Astrakhan city (2012)LLC ''LUKOIL-Energoinzhiniring''
- circuit-breakers generator circuit breakers FKG2S (4 p)
Thermal power plant in Budennovsk (2013) LLC ''LUKOIL-Energoinzhiniring''
- circuit-breakers generator circuit breakers FKG2S (2p)
Transformer substations "Magna" and "South" (2013)- Current transformers type OSKF-123 (24p)
- Voltage transformers OTEF-145 (13p)
- Three-pole disconnectors mounting S2DAT-123, 110 kV (27шт)
- Coring gas-insulated switch type GL-312 (8 p)
- BKTP-SVEL-110-12H-UHL1 (4p)
- KRU series K-128 , K-105 (2 p)
Tsimlyanskaya Hydropower Plant (2014)LLC ''LUKOIL-Energoinzhiniring''
- circuit-breakers generator circuit breakers FKG2S (2p)
-cast conductor
Volzhskaya Thermal Power Station -2 (2014)LLC ''LUKOIL-Volgogradenergo'' (2014)
- coring gas-insulated switch type GL312 (2p)
- generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG2S (1 p)
Huadian-Teninskaya Thermal Power Station (2015)LLC "Heilongjiang company ''Energo-Stroy''
- Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKGA2 (2 p)
JSC "Sarov Generating Company"(2015) Construction III CHPP. Phase construction II
- Conductor of the HEATER-10-4000-250-UHL (in single-phase version with accessories)
- Conductor of the HEATER-10-4000-250-UHL (in single-phase version)
- Busbar SZK-1.2-2000-51-U3
Ust-Srednekanskaya Hydropower Plant (2015)Execution of works and services associated with the manufacture and supply complete generator switchgear
- Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG2M (1p)
Zhigulevskaya Hydropower Plant (2014-2015)JSC ''RusHydro''
- 220kV disconnector three-pole (1p)
-switch colonocopy three-pole gas-insulated 110 kV(1 p)
- disconnector three-pole, 110 kV (1p)
Titanium Valley (2015)JSC ''TESS''
Construction of engineering networks of power supply 10 kV 1 and 2 PCs in the SEZ ''Titanium valley''
Modular integrated distribution substation 10 kV (4 p)
Block complete transformer substations of 1250 kVA (1p)
Block complete transformer, podstantsii 1600 kVA (2 p)
Transformer dry TMC-1250 (2 p)
Transformer dry TMC-1600 (4 p)
- Transformer TLSS-63/10/0,UHL2, 4 D/UN-11 (8 p)
- AMR system of upper level
- Process control system with the upper level system
- High voltage cable 10kV XLPE with section 300 (65 km)
- High voltage cable 10kV XLPE with section 120 (16 km)
Thermal Power Station 26 (2016)-Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG-A2 (1 p)
Rybinskaya Hydropower plant (2016)-Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG-2S (1 p)
Zatonskaya Thermal Power Station (2016)

- Generator gas-insulated switchgear 10kV FKG2M-6000 A (2 p)

- Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG2M 15kV-8400 A (2 p)

Permskaya state district power plant (2016)

Construction of power unit CCGT-800 MW

Generator gas-insulated switchgear FKG1N (3 p.)

Igranaiskaya Hydropower StationProvided an integrated supply of electrical and high frequency communications equipment for Igranaiskaya Hydropower Station, an affiliate of "RusHydro", JSCView Customer Testimonial
"Valaam" substation, "Lyaskelya" substation #92"Engineering and Construction Management Center UES", the affiliate of the "Federal Grid Company of United Energy System" ("FGC UES") in the Central-Western region of Russia conducted external power supply works for Valaam Island (Republic of Karelia) in 2009. This project was initiated by the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation #Pr-794 of May 14, 2007. Lyaskelya-Valaam 35 kV cable line with Valaam 35 kV substation were officially launched on December 18, 2009. Our company supplied 35 kV DNF7 switchgear, and10 kV PIX17 switchgear in a modular block design.View Customer Testimonial
Shahtinskaya Gas Turbine Power Station"Electro Pool" supplied two 10 kV distribution substations during the construction of Shahtinskaya Gas Turbine Power Station.
110/10 kV Vodozabor substation"Electro Pul" completed the equipment supply for 110/10 kV Vodozabor substation on May 25, 2009. The order included 10 kV equipment, metalwork and hardware for "Setun" modular block building.
Millerovskiy Oil Extraction PlantOur company completed the equipment supply of "Millerovskiy Oil Extraction Plant". Installed the newest 10 kV switching equipment manufactured by "Alstom Grid", dry transformers, and 0.4 kV switchgear equipment.View Customer Testimonial
JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (Rosatom Corporation) (2016)-Small cast conductor Tecobar-PH 16 1600 (1059 rm. m)
110/10 kV "A-26" substation of "Rostovenergo", JSCSupplied "turnkey" equipment for 110 kV switchyard, 10 kV K-104M switchgear in a modular block design.